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Northern Lights Viewing Tours

Aurora Borealis Lodge

Welcome to the Aurora Borealis Lodge. We are located just 20 miles north of Fairbanks in the famed Cleary Summit area, known locally and internationally as one of the best places to view the northern lights in the world!

We offer accommodations, as well as evening aurora tours for those who are staying in a Fairbanks area hotel.

Travel Insurance recommended.  During the 2021/2022 season, we’ve noticed an increased number of flight cancellations/changes, and these were not the “plenty-of-notice” type cancellations, but very last minute.  Some were actually sitting on the plane, on the tarmac when the cancellation was announced!  So please be sure to look at  ours and any other Alaskan travel components’ policies, and see if purchasing travel insurance is a good fit for you.  We don’t have a specific travel insurance company to recommend, but it seems like options to purchase pop up when you buy your airline tickets.  Also, credit card companies (such as American Express’ Platinum Card) may offer travel insurance so be sure to check into that too.

Come join us for a chance to view the beautiful lights in the sky.


Aurora Borealis Lodge and Chalets

Stay with us north of Fairbanks.
Enjoy comfortable rooms of Cedar Lodge
Experience Logan’s Chalet accommodations
Open August 16 through mid-April

Comfortable Lodging with a View

Stay in one of four comfortable guest rooms in our Cedar Lodge, or enjoy the accommodations of Logan’s Chalet with its unique Alaskan log cabin style.  Both choices offer outstanding outstanding views of the surrounding landscape and the night skies.  The north-facing windows of each Cedar Lodge room provide excellent aurora viewing opportunities. Guests in Logan’s Chalet have exclusive access to their own 15 foot high aurora viewing platform.

Northern Lights Tours

View Aurora Borealis near Cleary Summit
Choose from our Premier Aurora Tour
or enjoy a Self Drive Tour
Aurora Viewing season runs from
August 20 through Early April.


The Aurora Borealis Lodge offers evening aurora tours for guests staying in Fairbanks area hotels. Two types of tours are available.

Our tour season runs August 20 – early April. Please note that there are black out dates as well as sold out dates, so reservations are required.

We have some dates that are either sold out, or closed.  And when we are sold out, this applies to self-drive tours as we base it on our capacity at our viewing lodge, and not our shuttle van. 

Please go to our TOUR page and click on either the “Book the Premier Aurora Tour” or “Book the Self-Drive Aurora Tour” to see if your dates are available.

We are always closed on Thanksgiving Day.


Aurora Borealis Lodge and Cleary Summit Alaska